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PONY Camu Camu Glowing Mask (1 Pack)

PONY Tinted Lip Rescue (1 Pack)

PONY Magic Sticker for Bangs (1 Pack)


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Camu Camu Glowing Mask

Pony special made facial mask
adding super food Myrciaria dubia
Hydrating anf gives your skin a balance between water and oil
Gives your skin a moisturizing and bright effect

We chose the cloth that is weighless and sticks perfectly on to the skin, we provide the skin with adequate moisture. Adding barley grain moisturizing polysaccharide, soothing and moisturizing for the skin, adding Camu Camu extract rich in vitamin C, it brightens facial skin, improves dullness, and high content of orange blossom distilled flower water is rich in natural fragrance, which makes the mask more comfortable and relaxing.

Tinted Lip Rescue

Classic tinted lip balm
change the colors on your lips based on your pH value.
Biuld your own lip color
Pony special flavor
Rescue and hydrates your lips at any time.

pony's special odor, the perfect pair between vanilla and blueberries. Biuld your own moisturizing lip color, adding shea butter, vitamin E, rice germ extract, sweet almond oil, elderberry and other plant extracts to repair and deeply moisturize lips at all times.

vanilla scented lip balm-classic moisturizing formula
repair-vitamin E
moisturize-shea butter

blue berry scented lip tint-special color changing formula
color changing-based on your pH value
moisturize-sweet almond oil

Magic Sticker for Bangs

Pony specially designed Magic Sticker for Bangs
Good helper when applying makeup
soft felt that doesn't stab your hands
a makeup tool but also a cute sticker for bangs

Pony special cute bow tie sticker for bangs, it tames your hair when applying makeup and doesn't leave a trace. Tames and set your hair, a good helper when applying makeup."
PONY Camu Camu Glowing Mask
How to use: After aligning mask to the area around the eyes, attach mask to the forehead and mouth to match, and then place it on entire face.After 10–15 minutes, take off the mask. Caution:Keep in a dry, cool place. Please discard the expired or discolored , further use is prohibited.

PONY Tinted Lip Rescue
How to use: Apply to lips evenly Caution:Keep in a dry, cool place. Please discard the expired or discolored , further use is prohibited.

PONY Magic Sticker for Bangs
How to use: It is easy to use, just use your hand to make the fringe into the fixed location as your desire, then using the fringe sticker stick to it and comb it, which can stick to the hair smoothly. 5. It also can used to decorate your hair, instead of using a simple hair band."

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