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PONY Lipstick Set Pre-order CO-22051807 *This is a pre-order item Estimated Arrival date: XX/XX, We will ship your order immediately once it is processed.

NT. 2155NT. 1880


PONY Bubble Soft Matte Lipstick|Strawberry Puff (1 Pack)

PONY Bubble Soft Matte Lipstick|Red Velvet Cupcake (1 Pack)

PONY Bubble Soft Matte Lipstick|Apple Cinnamon (1 Pack)

PONY Bubble Soft Matte Lipstick|Rose Tea (1 Pack)

PONY Magic Sticker for Bangs (1 Pack)


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Bubble Soft Matte Lipstick

PN01 Strawberry Puff
PN02 Red Velvet Cupcake
PN03 Apple Cinnamon
PN04 Rose Tea

Pony specially made matte lipsticks.
High ductility and applies evenly
goes well with any skintone and occasion, pigmented
hrdrating and cover up your lip lines.
Introduction: Bubble Soft Matte Lipstick is specially made by pony, special designed for asian skintone, whitens and brighten skin, pigmented and saturated matte texture. Rich in ceramide, vitamin E, squalane, grapeseed oil and other repairing and moisturizing ingredients, no lumps and not dry. Draw your perfect lips anytime.

Magic Sticker for Bangs

Pony specially designed Magic Sticker for Bangs
Good helper when applying makeup
soft felt that doesn't stab your hands
a makeup tool but also a cute sticker for bangs

Pony special cute bow tie sticker for bangs, it tames your hair when applying makeup and doesn't leave a trace. Tames and set your hair, a good helper when applying makeup.
How to use: Apply to lips evenly Caution:Keep in a dry, cool place. Please discard the expired or discolored , further use is prohibited.

How to use: It is easy to use, just use your hand to make the fringe into the fixed location as your desire, then using the fringe sticker stick to it and comb it, which can stick to the hair smoothly. 5. It also can used to decorate your hair, instead of using a simple hair band.

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