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Le Collab Fluffy Brows Collection|3 Colors Eyebrow Powder Pre-order ZZ-21060903 *This is a pre-order item Estimated Arrival date: XX/XX, We will ship your order immediately once it is processed.

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Le Collab Fluffy Brows Collection
Triple Color Eyebrow Powder

Uses | Beautify eyebrows.
How to use|Apply an appropriate amount of eyebrow powder to draw according to the eyebrow shape, and match it with a precise customized eyebrow brush to smudge and adjust to outline the perfect eyebrow shape.
Shelf life|2024.06
Storage method|Do not place in a place where children can reach, high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.
★Do not use if the skin has wounds, swelling or eczema.
★If the skin is abnormal, please suspend use and consult a professional doctor.
Le Collab Fluffy Brows Collection
Triple Color Eyebrow Powder

Special three-color gradation matching, color filling and makeup nose shadow shadow multi-purpose, add avocado oil, vitamin E and rosehip oil, ultra-fine powder color development and adhere to no powder, evenly apply back and forth without caking, with precise setting An eyebrow brush that blends easily to create soft brows.

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