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Application|Cleaning between teeth
1. Take a 30 cm piece of dental floss and wrap the ends of the floss around the upper end of the middle finger or index finger of both hands.
2. Leave an appropriate length between the two fingers, and then slowly put the floss between the teeth after tightening it. When the floss touches the gums, move slowly up and down between the teeth.
3. Clean all the interdental spaces one by one in the above manner. To ensure more effective, thorough and refreshing, each tooth must use a new section of floss.
Shelf life|Five years
Storage method|Do not place in a place that can be reached by young children, high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.

★Do not pull or squeeze into the gap forcefully. If the gums continue to bleed, please stop using the product and seek medical attention.
★Please keep it out of reach of children

Mint is cool, oral health care, absolutely clean, unique wide plate dental floss, increase the cleaning area, carefully selected PTFE material, smooth and easy to use.

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