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Brand story

Our growth starts with a experiment

Our brand starts with a girl who spent all of her afternoon strolling through the drug store, and our journey all comes from her bravery. “Growing up in a family that’s full of doctors, my rebellious heart had always known what I like. No matter where I live, every bottle I see in life always excites me; after studying biology in the united states, my experience of doing research in lab also lead me to this brand.” she said. There are a lot of brands on the market, but what’s important is what you endow on your brand, and FreshO2 is a brand that wants to solve your everyday problem, it’s just like doing experiments in the lab, we look for problems to solve and answers to be answered, this small intention made us put in all of our effort, and there’s no turning back from it.
From exploring what life is about, we found out there are a lot of small things to change that will make our everyday life better, so we choose to start from the basic, we choose to look at our daily lives closer. 

We start from solving one thing from our daily lives.

We make our products just for you


"What makes a good product?"

Everyone has different problems to solve, and FreshO2 is here to spread this thought. We started collecting customers who like our brands( we call them little fresh), little fresh buy our products because they trust us, and they give us advice because they support us, FreshO2 give little fresh the right to decide which products to make and we let them make the decisions related to the products.

Every little fresh is a professional life experimenter, we keep on collecting all of their opinions, from the problems they want to solve to what alterations we are going to make to our products, and we use their opinion to review all of our products. Let the best products begin from your opinions.

From the lab, we produce our determination
FreshO2 has biotechnology and medical background, so we think from the view of executing medical care, so we are rigorous and we have professional attitude. Our brand is a mixed with a rebellious heart and our passion. We are under tremendous testing and others inspection, so we have to pour all our heart into this brand.

More trust in your daily lives

We are a brand from Taiwan, and we want our brand to deliver a fresh and comfortable feeling just like O2. We meet you in your daily lives, and we search for your comfort with our burning passion, we think about how we can deliver a high quality lifestyle to you, and it all stems from “daily lives”.
FreshO2 starts from close and intimate trust, we work hard to do well every little thing in our lives.。
We care more about our quality than our customers do, so in order to stick with this policy, we only look for manufacturers that has international certification during our production, we also take out liability insurance for our products, and we do SGS testing for our products. We are behind a huge medical system, but we pull up our sleeves and challenge ourselves with this small brand. We challenge ourselves every day, and we fight for your better lifestyle everyday.