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Service policy

Terms of Use and Disclaimer
FreshO2website is owned by “Lucas Biomedical INC.”. We value the service we provide to every of our user, so we are here to state our website’s policy to protect your rights. Please read the contents in the policy carefully:


1. About the user policy

1)Before you decide to use the service offered by our website, please read this policy carefully. You’ll have to entirely agree with our policy to use our service. When this policy contradicts with other additional conditions or other special terms, we go by the additional conditions or other special terms.
2)We have the right to change this terms at any time, you should check our terms often to understand your current rights and obligation. If you continue to use our service after we change our terms, we view it as you agree to the changes we made.


2. Our service

1)Our service is provided with our website according to the actual situation, and we have the final interpretation with our service provided.
2)We provide our service through the internet, you’ll have to prepare your own computer equipment, and bear the required cost by yourself.


3. Authorize

Under the constraint of this terms, our website provides you with limited, for personal use only, non-commercial use, non-exclusive and non-transferable service.。


4. Children’s and teenagers’ protection

The internet contains messages that aren’t suitable for children and teenagers, like pornography and violent messages, and they might injure mentally and physically. So, in order to protect children’s and teenager’s safety on the internet, and to protect their privacy from being violated, parents (or guardians) must follow the following conditions:

1)First review if every websites include protection for personal information and privacy policy, then decide if you are willing to give out your personal information; and you should often exhort children and teenagers not to disclose any information about yourself and your family( including names, address, telephone, email, pictures, credit card info…) to anyone. And you can’t accept online friend’s invitation alone or meeting them for receiving gifts.
2)Choose websites that are suitable for children and teenagers to browse. When children under age 12 go on the internet, they should be kept company, when children between age 12 and 18 go on the internet, they should have to ask for consent.


5. User behavior

You will have to follow these rules before you use our service:
1) Abide the laws and regulations of the Republic of China;
2)Abide every rules that are related with internet service;
3) Cannot use the internet service for any illegal reasons;
4) Cannot use any equipment or software to interfere or attempt to interfere with our website or prevent our website from working normally;
5)We don’t allow intrusion or attempt to invade in our server or any files that are without permission.
6)Cannot limit, stop others from using or enjoying our service.
7) If you find out anyone using their account illegally or find any security breach, please tell us immediately.


6. Intellectual property

1)The services offered by our website (including but not limited to: words, pictures, Graphics, images, charts, sounds, FLASH animations, video, audio, trademarks…) , are legally owned by this website or other relevant rights holders, and are protected by commercial image, copyright law, trademark law, fair trade law and various intellectual property laws.
2)Without the prior written consent of this website or other relevant rights holders, any part of this website and its contents cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, reprinted, publicly broadcast, adapted, distributed, publicly published or for any illegal purpose.
3) With the written consent of the preceding paragraph, when you modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, publicly broadcast, distribute, or publicly publish any part of this website and its contents, you must clearly indicate the name and website address of this website as the source of the information.


7. Advertising information

If there are advertisements transmitted or published on this website, the texts, pictures, animations, sounds, images or descriptions of goods or services in other ways are provided by the advertisers or advertising agencies. Regarding the content of advertisements, this website respects the rights of advertisers or advertising agencies, and does not review the content of advertisements. You should judge the correctness and credibility of the advertisements by yourself. This website does not make any guarantees for such advertisements.


8. Link

All links provided on this website or all service-related pages may link to the websites of other individuals, companies or organizations. The purpose of providing such links is only to facilitate users to collect or obtain information by themselves. We do not guarantee the products, services or information provided on the website’s authenticity, completeness, timeliness or reliability, and such individuals, companies or organizations are not related to this website.


9. Breach damages

You agree to protect and safeguard the interests of this website and any other third parties. If you cause losses to this website or any other third parties due to violation of relevant laws, regulations or any terms under these terms of use, you agree to be liable for the damages caused and you will be liable for compensation.

10. Refuse to provide guarantee

1)This website does not provide any express or implied warranties for this service, including but not limited to commercial merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of the rights of others.
2)This website does not guarantee the following matters:
(a) The Service will meet your needs;
(b) The Service is uninterrupted, immediately available, secure or error-free;
(c) The suitability, validity, correctness, completeness, security, reliability, timeliness of any information obtained through the use of this service and whether it infringes the rights of others.
3)The purpose of this service is to provide your personal use, and you must judge by yourself the timeliness and applicability of such information. You are solely responsible for any transaction or investment decision
4)If you trade goods or services or various transactions with other manufacturers or users on the Internet through this website, only the manufacturer or user has a contractual relationship with you, and this website does not intervene or participate. If there is any defect or dispute in the product or service, please contact the manufacturer or user to resolve it, and this website does not assume any guarantee responsibility for this.

11. Disclaimer

1)This website will try to ensure that the information is correct and appropriate, but the development of medical technology is changing with each passing day, so the information cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. This website is intended to provide practical information and is not an attempt to provide a diagnosis or treatment. Visitors to this website should consult a registered specialist before making a diagnosis or receiving any treatment for any medical problem.
2)In no event shall this website be liable to you or any other third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential loss or damage arising out of your use or inability to use this service.
3)This website may suspend or interrupt part or all of this service in one of the following situations, and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to the user:
(a) When migrating, replacing or maintaining the relevant system equipment of this website;
(b) The service stopped or interrupted due to any irresponsible cause;
(c) The service of this website being suspended or interrupted due to natural disasters or other force majeure;
(d) The user has any violation of government decrees or these terms of use.

12. Service change, interruption or termination

In view of the particularity of network services, you agree that this website has the right to change, interrupt or terminate some or all of the network services at any time.

13. Legal jurisdiction

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of these Terms of Use and the resolution of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China, and the Taipei District Court in Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

14. Other regulations

1)These Terms of Use are the agreement between the parties with respect to the Service and other related matters, and take precedence over any form of prior commitment or agreement between the parties regarding these Terms of Use.
2)If any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, for any reason, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain valid and binding.
3)The headings of these Terms of Use are provided for convenience only and do not define, limit, interpret or describe the scope or limits of the terms.

15. Cross-industry cooperation 

From time to time, the Fresho2 official website will cooperate with third parties such as other online platforms, partners, and cooperative manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "content providers"), and the content providers will provide news, articles, messages, e-newsletters and their links for publication on the Fresho2 official website. Based on respect for the content provider's creation and its intellectual property rights, the Fresho2 official website will not substantially review or modify the provided content, nor does it take any legal responsibility for the correctness of the content. If you think some content is infringing or false, please report directly to the content provider.

16. Newsletter and EDM

You agree that the Fresho2 official website, cooperative manufacturers or strategic partners may occasionally send e-newsletters or commodity messages (EDM) to the email addresses registered by members. If you no longer wish to receive e-newsletters or product information (EDM), please go to the official website of Fresho2 [Members Area] to modify your membership information and unsubscribe. Fresho2's official website will stop sending e-newsletters or product messages (EDM).

17. Transaction confirmation and protection 

1)When members place an order on the Fresho2 official website, please complete the online ordering process according to the functions provided by this service. Both parties agree to use electronic documents as the means of representation. The Fresho2 official website will notify the member system by email or other means. Order information, the notice does not mean that the transaction has been completed or that the sale and purchase contract has been established. Fresho2 official website reserves the right to final review, whether to accept the order and shipment.
2)Except that the official website of Fresho2 has a legitimate reason for rejection or other legal reasons within two working days after the member places the order, the official website of Fresho2 accepts the order for the content of the member's order. However, if the member has paid, unless otherwise stipulated by law, the transaction is deemed to be established. However, if the price of the product on the official website of Fresho2 is too lower than the market price, the quantity of the product is wrongly marked, or the information on the product page is obviously misplaced, it will be deemed that the system of the official website of Fresho2 is running. Under maintenance, please confirm with the customer service center and place an order again.
3)When necessary, the Fresho2 official website may set a limit on the number of specific products that individual members can order each time. When a member places an order beyond the limit set by the Fresho2 official website, the Fresho2 official website will only ship according to the limit.
4)Once a member uses the service and completes the ordering process, it means that the member makes an offer and is willing to order the product in accordance with the terms of use and the transaction conditions or restrictions stated on the relevant webpage.
5)If the information retained by members (such as address, telephone) is changed, they should immediately log in to the official website of Fresho2 to modify the retained information, and shall not use the inconsistency of personal information as a reason to oppose the behavior of this website based on the information, deny the ordering behavior or refuse to pay.
6)After the Fresho2 official website confirms that the transaction conditions are correct, the membership payment is completed and there is still stock. The Fresho2 official website will directly notify the cooperating manufacturer to ship the goods without prior notice. You can check the shipment status on the Fresho2 official website.
7)The scope of services provided by the Fresho2 official mall is the online service content of the Fresho2 official website and related cash flow, logistics and information flow platforms, including but not limited to commodity trading, website content browsing, using e-mail, physical mail or other methods to carry out products. Provision of marketing information and other services, the official website of Fresho2 may increase, decrease, change or terminate the relevant service content according to business needs and actual circumstances, and there is no need to notify members individually. The product name, price, content, specification, model and other related information displayed on the product transaction page of the Fresho2 official mall are part of the contract.

18. Delivery place and delivery method

Fresho2's official website provides options for the delivery location and method of ordered goods, and the delivery method is based on your choice.

19. Payment method description 

When you choose the credit card payment provided by the official website of Fresho2 as the payment method, you will establish a creditor-debt relationship with the issuing bank of the credit card, and according to the relevant regulations of the issuing bank, you may need to pay the relevant interest or handling fee to the issuing bank. Bank, please be sure to read the relevant regulations of the card-issuing bank before choosing this payment method.

20. Freight charge

Fresho2's official website will specify the pricing and delivery method of the shipping fee on the shopping instructions page.

21. Right of return and contract cancellation

1)2) Members may exercise relevant rights in accordance with Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law, except for the following products:
(a) Goods that are susceptible to deterioration or damage by nature, and goods that are not or are not suitable for return, including but not limited to flowers, food, personal hygiene products, etc.
(b) Goods ordered, adjusted or delivered in accordance with your requested or indicated specifications, needs or times.
(c) The sealed product has been opened.
(d) The merchandise is returned past the shelf life, spoiled or damaged in accordance with normal shipping conditions.
2)Returned goods must keep all goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, invoices, all accompanying documents and other information intact. When applying for return or exchange, members should return them together, otherwise, the Fresho2 official website will refuse to accept your Refund requests for returns may require a refurbishment fee.

22. Basis of Liability and Damages

When you use this service, the basis for the determination of relevant facts shall be based on the data recorded in the database on the official website of Fresho2 and the evidence provided by you. In the event of any disputes, both parties will submit the electronic data records or evidence data stored by them to the court or an impartial third party for confirmation with the greatest sincerity.

23. Penalty for damages

If a member violates the terms of use or relevant laws and regulations, causing damages or expenses (including but not limited to shipping, handling, litigation and attorney fees) to the official website of Fresho2 and related fulfillment assistants, you shall be responsible for all compensation and liability for compensation.

24. Contact method

If you have any questions or suggestions about these terms of use or this website, please write to our service mailbox.

2021.2revised edition